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The PeopleChain Experience

Overcome the hassle of maintaining multiple CVs with one dynamic resume that documents your growth as a professional, crafting a blueprint for your future.

Living Resume

No matter what professional stream or career stage you’re in, showcase the dynamic you through a unique public profile that is auto-updated for recruiters to take prompt action.

Verified Credential

Verify your Education, Work Experience & Skills directly with your College, Company or Certifier and cut through the redundant background verification process.

Data Ownership

Own your supporting documents such as certificates, payslips, etc and share it only when required. Even us, the PeopleChain Developers don’t have access to your data.

Hiring Rewards

“Not just own, earn from your data. Share your encrypted documents directly with your next employer and receive cash incentives everytime you’re hired for a job or gig.”

Get hired faster than ever.

Without PeopleChain With PeopleChain

How It Works

PeopleChain Identity using BlockChain technology lets you flip the switch on the redundant and often tiresome Background Verification process by helping you create a pre-vetted (trusted) Digital Resume.

Own your Data

In an age where intermediaries distribute, harvest and scavenge your information online, PeopleChain Identity allows you to take back complete control over your Private Data guaranteeing 100% Privacy and Ownership.

PeopleChain supports

Stand out, Get noticed, Land interviews!

Only 2% of candidates make it past background screening. With a PeopleChain identity, you can be in the top 2%. You can now get hired faster than ever with a resume that not just grabs attention, but also to detail. Companies are moving towards Skill based hiring and your PeopleChain Resume lets you showcase the same.

Your passport into the Open Talent Economy

Your experience is by no means static, we believe your resume shouldn't be either. With a PeopleChain Identity, you don't have to revisit your supporting information to validate your past experience. You can directly share your vetted Resume with companies facilitating a red carpet hiring experience for both you and your next employer.

Let your experience work for you.

For Freelancers and Part-Time professionals it can be tricky to create a resume when gigs last for a short amount of time. Your PeopleChain Identity is designed to complement or serve as an alternative to academic qualifications, by allowing you to privately list your validated skills acquired through successful completion of Gigs.

What you can do with PeopleChain

More templates coming soon


Earn Cash Rewards and Skill-based Certification by working on Gigs from top, Verified Companies.


Discover niche' skill-based communities and work together on transformational projects in your locale.

Build on PeopleChain

Manage Access Requests from various employers or professionals on the PeopleChain Network to exchange your private data.